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I really like writing. But like many writers, I hate editing. So most of these are first drafts. They’re strange and messy and I apologize for that. Some of these I wrote when I was 17 and depressed and terrible at writing. Others I wrote when I was 22 and depressed and terrible at writing. On each of these pages I've sorted these from most recently written at the top of the page. to include content warnings at the top of the piece for everything I've written.

  • The Doors on the Bus: (07/10/2022) The second story! So I wrote a LARP called Masks about superheroes and celebrity about two years ago, and I recently revisited that world with a sequel LARP. Superhero stories have been some of my favorites since I was a kid, and I wanted to expand on the world I had written for the LARP in a way that people who know nothing about it could still enjoy it. This was my attempt.
  • The Funeral/The Goodbye: (30/09/2022) So this is the first story I wrote for my "Write a Story a Week." I read Chainsaw Man recently, and this sort of popped out. See you next week for something completely different.
  • The Meaning of Light: So a friend of mine sent me a letter and they mentioned the ways fireworks are depicted in art. It kind of got me thinking about fireworks in fiction and the way that I think back to the fireworks I watched as a child. I've also been wanting to write more stories with the Islamic folklore I grew up with. Smush those two ideas together and you get The Meaning of Light. It's not the best thing I've written by a country mile. But I think it's pretty wholesome, and I'm happy with how the draft turned out.
  • We Only See Each Others At Weddings And FuneralsI wrote a ton of short stories when I was in highschool. But they're universally terrible and the only one I've written and finished since then is this one. I think it's pretty mediocre! Which is a solid upgrade from terrible. It's a short little horror story about a woman who makes a machine and then things go Wrong.

  • 1 CW: Religious Hatred
  • 2 CW: None
  • 3 CW: Gore
  • 4CW: Religious Hatred, Gore, Death